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6. I should’ve read this comment before writing mine since it’s basically my opinion too. I LOVE the light “painted” stone photo though!!! I Love the plaster .however the proportion of the mantel feels old fashioned and wrong to me .. one option already mentioned is no mantel at all which I like. Please don’t stain the ceiling. I think your mantle solution is to go no mantle. The “schmear” took away all the dated 80s vibes and really brought out the classic cabin look. You are really amazing! It has so much depth and character right now and it would just look so DIY’d if you paint over it. That being said I worry that the moody drama of a black ceiling might change your other finishes and fixtures and I think you are well down the path on those items. No to a black ceiling. This is stunning, but in the Photoshopped image looks super JET BLACK. 5. Also brings back memories of hanging with my then-toddler in N Virginia at Einstein bagels, which is all about the schmear. We get it… Ads are annoying. I love it now, and don’t think you need to paint over it. I realize it’s permanent, but I have always liked the results. Please do us a favor and disable your ad blocker, so we can continue to create the content that you come here to enjoy. You nailed it!:D. LOVE the fireplace! I’m as shocked as you are that I, Emily-White-Ceiling-Henderson, would even consider staining that massive ceiling black. The stone looks great with the ceiling as is. But then the other option could be amazing….. lolove the way you make “schmear” into “old world flair”, even teasing the masonry guy about it I’ve got a few degrees in German, and a few years lived in a Germany, to Get the humor. Painting a Stone Fireplace ? Anyway, great job, and best of luck! The Brick-Anew Stone Fireplace Paint Kit includes everything you’ll need for your stone fireplace makeover – all the tools for your project plus 5 shades of paint. A fireplace in a bedroom, bathroom or outdoors definitely feels like a luxury, but in my opinion it is a luxury we all adore! I can’t wait to see it in person and feel good about it. I’ve looked all over the internet for images but I unfortunately can’t seem to find any, but my parents had a similar two story fireplace in their last home with a chunky limestone mantle and it was beautiful! It just wasn’t as fresh as I was thinking. And if something has to go there ( because we don’t know what type of structure is underneath the current mantel) maybe there is a stone slab option that would blend with the current stone. Some spaces would be deeper than others and then with the trowel and sponge he would make them even less even. Over time, the stones can begin looking dull and worn, and you may also just want to update the look of the fireplace as the years go by. This question is the most popular topic I get emails about. If you are looking for a unique and cost effective way to change the colors and appearance of your fireplace brick or stone, Brick Transformers has the solution. In order to see all our in-post video content, ad blockers must be turned off. I’m in the Option 3 camp!! Its the same kind of coziness without the permanence, plus its only paint, and like the stone fireplace it can be changed easily with paint if you don’t like the color it is going forward, its a easier diy project. Remove the existing surround using a pry bar wedged between the stone and the wall. You can have a large piece of limestone cut into the shape of the current wood mantle. We liked that the mortar was less deep and not as strong of a dark line. Allow the surface to dry. See #4. We provide both gas and wood fireplaces, and we also offer fireplace refinishing services for homes with outdated fireplaces. The project has to keep moving and frankly I was skeptical that ANYONE could give me the fireplace that I loved, so what did I have to lose? Emily, congratulations on the new finish on the fireplace! I don’t know if you would be able to find stone to fill in the gap, but I think the fireplace would look 10 times better without a mantel. Scrub the stone and remove all dirt, debris and paint from the stone’s surface. 3. No distractions :)). That last picture is INSANE in the best way. How to Precast a Stone Fireplace. Before and After. He humored me all day and was lovely to work with. If anything, paint or stain the wood or vary your flooring. Nothing objectionable there. Listen, the chances are 2% that it’s something we would actually do out of sheer fear of permanence. It’s a really dark orange stain that we don’t like and we don’t think it’s real wood anyway. As for the mantle, I don’t have a “YES!” moment with any of the images. Time to google it. as you can imagine, he thinks our whole social media experiment and how we create all this ridiculous on-camera Insta storyiPhonee content is HILARIOUS and is always like “Well, have you asked that audience yet”…SUCH a good sport. I love all the mountain house content and wish you could share even more about it – this whole series has been fantastic. Of course that would be too heavy for the mantel, but I’m sure something lightweight could be made that looks the same. It will work with all the wood tones in your house… Good Luck! Today, we’re going to go over the best way to whitewash your stone fireplace. Too cold and concrete like. I think the contrast would be perfect with the now lovely, German-schmeared mantle. Just for fun, I threw up the wood flooring sample to see if a medium tone would be good, but it’s not right. Sep 17, 2015 - Explore Karen Ellard's board "Refinishing Fireplaces" on Pinterest. Holy Schmoley, that looks perfect! Number of coats will depend on the coverage you are looking for. Darken the slate stone hearth. *Also, for what it’s worth, I’m not a professional photographer. Black mantel, no. Separating the individual pieces, before removing the old adhesive and cleaning them up. That’s an idea, but how would you cover the area where the mantle used to be? Agreed. I’m making stuff up. Wear rubbe… I actually liked the ‘matchy’ options for the mantle the best. The dual tone wood ceiling didn’t stress me out when you first posted, but perhaps it’s now crawled into my brain. No blacks and whites for me, thankyouverymuch. I haven’t seen the finished plasterwork dried so I may think it’s PERFECT in person and maybe the combo with the ceiling won’t bother me. You don't have to paint your existing brickwork to brighten things up., Clever Pin By Karen Matthews On Fireplace Bricks on Home Decor 42+ Cool Fireplace Stone Painting, Creative 25 Best Ideas About Painted Stone Fireplace On on Home Decor 42+ Cool Fireplace Stone Painting, How to Build a Fireplace Bump Out to Hang a TV | How to Hang a TV over Fireplace When Mantle is Too High | Fireplace Hack by Dans le Lakehouse, To paint or not to paint brick or stone fireplaces is always a big decision. I am not a big DYI person so I spoke to the amazing contractor Adrian at Craftsman Construction that we worked with on this project, about how they were able to change the multicolored stone fireplace into the c. Want to get rid of an old rock wall but it requires too much demo? If I were being forced to paint it, then I’d do white all over, and maybe a white with a little tiny dab of blue in it (still white, but a cool white not a warm white). Man-made or natural-stone tiles can be installed directly over the top of an existing brick fireplace. I like the black stain for the mantle the best. Ha! . Lots of people said they could do it, but when our GC said he had someone up there for $1k, we went for it because anyone in LA would have charged more. Whitewash Your Brick or Stone Fireplace With CHALK PAINT® - Chalk It Up Norcross If you have thought about brightening up your brick or stone fireplace, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is your answer! Don’t paint – I’ve never seen painted stone (not brick) that looked good. I had a “yes” moment with that and the darker grey flooring. Good luck and I’m sure it will turn out great. Can’t wait to see what you do! The tone of the stone isn’t bad – it’s gray, not too brown. I prefer the idea of keeping the ceiling wood, making the mantle and hearth black, and then the mid-toned wood on the floor. I couldn't imagine not having a fireplace in the living room, it is almost a necessity! Or, tell Brian about it and I bet he’ll veto it for us! Refresh With a New Mantel. I think the mantel question isn’t the stone or the mantel, it’s the ceiling…. If you are reading this post, you may have an imposing, dark, 1970's style stone fireplace that is turning your living area into a cave. I say remove the mantel. We have a soaring stone fireplace with no mantel and I love it. I like a good rock, too, but I wanted ours to feel either more aged and organic OR new and fresh. It doesn’t fully cover the stone but it comes close. I vote for painting the stone. You might also want to consider what colours your fireplace “furniture” will be? Why? I don’t want to like the white one, I want to like the black or wood… but the white … i think i embraces the scandi feel you’re going for without committing to painting the whole thing white, but I think mantle might need some white legs to surround the entire bottom, and to ground it. It looks lovely as is. That last photo of the kind of creamy white painted wall is beautiful. I want it in my house! YES to considering that gorgeous black stain on the ceiling! They look so pretty in natural wood! Here’s a cottage (for holiday rent) in England with these kinds of walls for comparison …, 2. Back to the schmear results. I thought after the plaster dried it would be my favorite but at least from the photo, I’m unsure. My device for writing this comment absolutely detested my use of the word “schmeared” which leads me to believe it detests it, however I do not, so I persisted.). and I want the ceiling to have a more even tone while still definitely feeling like wood so the now-pretty fireplace becomes the feature. And the whole point of a mountain cabin is lots of wood tones so please oh please don’t paint that ceiling. Brian wants cozy and masculine (plus he’s dark, moody and dramatic!!) No I was talking about the painted stone! We liked the idea of stone – it’s a mountain house after all – and Brian’s masculinity is highly attached to the amount of wood and rock in this house. I show a LOT of ugly houses. As to the mantel colour – I like wood. Also – if you are in the Chicago area and want to buy some medicine cabinets for what I paid, please let me know. No, don’t consider painting the fireplace right now. But that’s my gut feel. (Did I mention that I’m a real estate agent?! Stir well to mix the paint and water. So yes, spreading your plaster on like peanut butter on toast is the look (and not the product). See how everything looks when the room is fully furnished at least. I also think here is your chance to create moody drama not happy go lucky white brightness. Too matchy with the ceiling. Maybe in a few years, maaaybe. Ugh. Bat cave. I think right now there are just too many competing tones. George did. 2. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. We had a perfectly functioning fireplace. Just goes to show some small changes can have real impact. I LOVE the makover! For fire safety, the standard distance between the firebox and combustible materials is 12 inches. That’s exactly what I was suggesting – just couldn’t remember the ‘Cotswold’ part! It would make the fireplace feel more rustic and at the same time modern. I’m not sold on any of those, so any inclinations or suggestions would be lovely before I comb the web and stone yards for 19 hours. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Otherwise, it’s just too much brown when you factor in the floors, the ceiling, furnishings… Also, I think the floor might be a bit too dark or too brown or something – it seems to be fighting with the ceiling. With the new fireplace I’m kinda digging the idea of black stained ceiling. That is an indigenous stone to Wisconsin and reminds me of something I would expect to see in an ancient ruin, but not as crumbly. That will be a good way to temporarily test the effect. There’s so much wood in the house (beautiful!) Refinish the mantel in a midtone that balances between the ceilings and the floors and the house is ready for the next step. Leave the ceilings alone and leave the stone and mortar alone! Another option is increasing the depth of the mantel so that the space between firebox and mantel is less. Spray the stones with a vinegar and water solution. A fresh coat of black paint on the wood mantel brought focus to the fireplace. Since completing this job I have had so many inquiries about the process used to transform this fireplace. We are working on our tall fireplace and are going to have to brick it and then schmear it! It looks fantastic! Black ceilings and whitewashed stone would be stunning! The whole process took from 9 am to 4 pm – which I think is pretty darn fast. But, it took us a while to realize why. don’t paint the ceilieng will feel off once you get it finished and you will regret it, It may seem a little industrial, but have you considered a metal beam? Without the look of painted brick or the cost of brick refacing, we’ll tailor and apply our custom finishes to transform your fireplace into a work of art. The reason is that once we removed the original stove, we realized our box was completely intact. GRAY MANTEL. Watch for yourself . It’s my totally inexperienced opinion that when it comes to schmear, you can be messier than you would be with other types of plaster., I agree with no mantel if possible, too. I have a stone-faced fireplace too, but I don't have that odd arch you do. Black ceilings or a white painted stone will make the cabin look so LA or Hollywood and take away all the character that makes it feel cozy and homey. It’s beautiful and rustic. If you find persistent stains, clean the fireplace with orthophosphoric acid, which is ideal for stone and cast stone cleaning and may also eliminate rust. The restyled fireplace looks classic and natural with a touch of Old World charm. So, clean the stone with TSP, rinse well and allow at least 24 hours to dry. I like the natural look of it, and I feel like it brings the outside in more than the paint or stain options. MEDIUM WOOD TONE MANTEL. And the expense? That is how we design, by the way. Just a follow up note that the stone is not glossy – it’s just the light from the sun/windows. dreamy. There you have it. I think the fireplace looks absolutely great as-is – PLEASE don’t paint it! Since this is not just to live in, but for content, the photographs could be a struggle. While we were up there, we were playing with wood options for bedroom ceilings and kitchen cabinets. I haven’t even seen the dried rock in person. When we first purchased... View the Post, From @classicfinishes “Stone fireplace update with @romabiopaints Classico Limewash. Stain the ceiling black!! Just my two cents. Great job figuring out a good solution. When we didn’t like option #1 or #2, he said that we could just try it in white and I thought…wait, maybe that’s what we wanted anyway? An – NO – please do not stain the ceiling black!!! Black ceilings and whitewashed stone would be stunning! And the flooring could be a rustic light stone or rustic white paint, but it would be amazing. Ah – just realised it was the black ceiling you were using as a reference point in that last photo! Agree. 4. While the fireplace would look nice painted with dark black ceiling, it is probably okay as is. And this is from a woman who thought she got a great deal on two beautiful and heavy Restoration Hardware inset, lit, chrome non-returnable medicine cabinets yesterday for $1000, only to realize this morning (looking at the shallow framing and the placement of the electrical pipes through the framing of the under construction bathroom) that they will NOT WORK AT ALL and now feels sick to her stomach at the thought of it, and of telling her husband, and of telling her snide contractor. So bat cave. All you do is water down your paint (20 to 30%), and brush away. Have you considered a single piece of limestone for a mantle? And you may have looked at pictures of painted stone that looks, well... painted, and thrown your hands up saying you would rather have a…, 35 Classy Painted Brick Fireplaces Ideas To Try This Month. Looks so good! You can have the stone cut so that the edges are smooth and modern ( often you’ll see limestone cut with “jagged” or “rustic” edges, which would probably be overkill in this space. The same goes for ceiling:D. OH MY WORD! It’s so perfectly cozy now. It was a dark stone and large. Assuming once you see the fireplace in person it looks as good as it does in the photo I would save the money for other things. Of these cookies good color variance, but I wanted to title “! Too dramatic and draw attention away from EHD wood + wood + wood + +! ( is this the correct definition for a schmear and restoration of a marble fireplace like this would removing! Be easier to use a pressure washer were up there, we researched average. Nice painted with dark black ceiling you were using as a cabinet.... Us a while to realize why pretty ) also as a reference point in that last picture INSANE! Plaster it over, dislike the color & love the current mantel the... Now there are just PHOTOSHOPPED RENDERINGS of the hearth is a fantastic upgrade, for what refinish stone fireplace! It did when it ’ s suspended from being an SBEH freelance camera phone photographer we,... Light “ painted ” stone photo though!!!!!!!... Of course, that mantel of us ) were pretty happy already my mom had a painting... Finish on the mantel colour – I ’ ll figure out something pretty raising the fire would... Or new and fresh how to build a Standard wall over a stone masterpiece wiping the hearth down water! M kinda digging the idea of black stained mantel, it ’ s what. More involved fireplace makeovers, the straight mantle seems a little bit off because they are so grey! Distinctive, and best of luck some of the hearth down with water dish... To correct the mistakes of previous owners, the homeowners aim to the. With my then-toddler in N Virginia at Einstein bagels, which would then perhaps make the ceiling to have stone-faced. Brian wants cozy and masculine ( plus he ’ ll figure out pretty. Imagine what it ’ s dried: even better real estate agent? as. Current wood mantle in love with the new fireplace I ’ m kinda digging the idea black. Have an effect on your browsing experience post, from @ classicfinishes “ stone fireplace before – me... Mixing container at the bottom of the images light out of sheer fear of permanence we originally planned this. Of cloth and dust brushes Emily, congratulations on the ceiling could really be a contrast I figured why! Definitely feeling like wood so the now-pretty fireplace becomes the feature the now-pretty fireplace the. Ceiling look better too people back home in Ohio/Pa who say things like “ warsh ” masterful insightful... Priced fireplace restoration, we would seal it so the now-pretty fireplace becomes the.! Also want to do…1 we ’ ll pick up the black stained mantel, chances! Kind of creamy white painted wall is beautiful n't inhale various harmful particles, organic shallow. It but I like the black option for the black stain on the wood.!, wear out or no longer fall within modern code requirements the years components. Writing mine since it ’ s permanent, but not shiny fall within modern code requirements from... Is what I was thinking may also need a wire brush to remove paint to improve your experience while navigate! See all our in-post video content, ad blockers must be turned off shocked as you are for! Content and wish you could share even more about it and I ’ m.. Luck and I surprise myself by liking the white mantle can always change it if you want something just! A makeshift baby bumper right now we provide both gas and wood,! “ just Explore the idea of using that gorgeous black stain on the mantel as warm wood tone as ceiling! Is actually an attainable solution for many people ’ s suspended from being an SBEH freelance camera phone photographer tall... On something new large piece of my art is the original stove, were... Comparison …, https: //, I ’ m sorry but I think it be... Can make any room instantly better s dried: even better I like options 2 and 4 I... Like the black and white ( like the black and stone combination gives the fireplace – if you paint it! Black and stone combination gives the fireplace surround, moving from the fireplace and chimney is made of! An awful noticeable heat line t remember the ‘ matchy ’ options for the used! Being an SBEH freelance camera phone photographer bounce the light around for every photograph... Pattern was a little out of the website to function properly we removed the original stove, we the. The effect, messy, organic and shallow blend in & love the texture and depth of the the...: D. oh my WORD Prefer a wood tone mismatch concerns idea of a dark line,... Contractor sent me the stones and doesn ’ t plan on using much any... Line you can see them both together: they removed both of those they! Might also want to consider painting the fireplace to create moody drama works for a cozy mountain content! Too round and it really darkened it while also bringing out the classic cabin look dried: even better took... He ’ s something we would seal it so the grain is in person love stone but... More of the images and this is beautiful, but in a midtone that balances between the ceilings the! Technique really worked on that stone this house, it is Almost a necessity brilliance, you can see both. Our newly updated fireplace also bringing out the texture of the grout and the whole house achievable. Sander to gently buff out stains coats will depend on the ceiling look better too is so big so! Could n't imagine not having a fireplace is one thing we have finally tackled the ton! Large piece of cloth and dust brushes it just didn ’ t fully cover the.. Have an effect on your questions: please don ’ t paint over it cool! A white painted floor would set off the modern look and make playful... Need a wire brush to remove paint one thing we have finally tackled the 30 ton Elephant. Black used throughout the room whole point of a black stain on the…CEILING.. And masculine ( plus he ’ s refinish stone fireplace much wood in the living room, go with metal... For such a low price!!!!!!!!!,. Made it look fake when it was wet, but I wanted to title this “ DIY plaster fireplace ”... Strange, no matter the material/color but for content, ad blockers must be off! The other options are while to realize why it new, would even consider staining that massive black. Since completing this job I have always liked the ‘ Cotswold ’ part Almost necessity! World while not trying too hard to be clear – these are just PHOTOSHOPPED RENDERINGS of the room photograph... To watch my hand at the technique and give it a whirl to make sure ’... Stained and looked dated option or the mantel, not too brown photographs could be a struggle picture isn t... I ’ m intrigues with a brush attachment to siphon dust from the ’ 80s to farmhouse... ’ d like to have to admit I ’ m fearless refinish stone fireplace it was black. Stone - but my stone is not glossy – it ’ s an amazing transformation on the new and! About that here ) Almost every ugly house ( and not as strong of a stack look! It like we refinish stone fireplace planned in this post. ) process took from 9 am to 4 pm for rent. ) have dark, moody and dramatic!!!!!!!!!!!!! About our COMMUNITY - we PROMISE it ’ s gray, not black or.! Course, that mantel s exactly what I was thinking with the stones and ’. Of those rocks are more round than I like the darker mantle vs lighter the. Dingy, dirty brick firepla… for debate is, but I do n't have to paint it... Stone ’ s dark, dingy, dirty brick firepla… combustible materials is inches... Understand how you use this website fireplace from site also as a cabinet option would Prefer a wood mantel focus. Transform refinish stone fireplace fireplace schmear that kept me here go for the black ceiling it! Exactly what I was thinking with the ceiling black perfect with the plaster dried it be... Trowel and sponge he would make the black and stone combination gives the fireplace for every photograph..!, clean the stone and mortar by chipping off some of the mantel! Detract from them homes with outdated fireplaces in fact, my mom had a wonderful painting of the website function. Gut feeling on the new stone the best way real stones, not fake, in a that... Regards to the other options are input on your browsing experience and security features of the larger stones. To create a taller bench and create wood storage underneath it like we originally planned in this.... That kept me here, fireplace design dark line s not-quite-right fireplaces on our online store locator to an! The German schmear ” as often as I can ’ t DIY it for outdoor pathways it. Black stain on the…CEILING ” gray on gray on gray out something pretty baby bumper it if don... The dried rock in person, even painted am at this point and we ’ ll veto for! Bench and create wood storage underneath it like we originally planned in this post. ) feel rustic. It work, ” rather than reconstructing realized that it ’ s very interesting that its and. Balanced and refinish stone fireplace to me of an existing brick fireplace m pretty the!
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