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so you have to move the back clamp forward. Smaller saws can cut thinner materials such as wooden panels, vinyl, laminates and thin sheets of metal. As you can see the saws range from 93.7 db to 97.9 db. I know I’ll also need a 1800W (or higher) power converter to step up from the 100V used in Japan to the 120V required by the saw. This tests gives us a relative comparison of how much blade speed reduction the motors have under different loading conditions. It cuts fine, the fence locks on both ends,measurements seem ok, and it unfolds and rolls away very easily-I like it so far. Now that Sears is defunct (Canada), I have no other option than to replace it due to no parts being available. I recently purchased an older poorly maintained brick building from around 1900 which I am planning to fix and build an apartment in for myself, nothing fancy. Under no circumstances whatsoever will a device EVER draw more than the breaker limitation. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. This is the fourth Ridgid product that I have purchased, and all of them were defective. For example, for the Rigid saw, in the RPM-Plywood graph you show 4,350 as the No Load Spped; but in the RPM-Pressure Treated graph you show 3.650 and in the RPM-Mahogany graph you show 4,000. Did you have any problems with that or do you have any insight into why reviewers are claiming this problem with the saw? Is it perfect? The C-130 Hercules Coffee Table is a one-of-a-kind piece of custom furniture that instantly injects character into any space. We would expect some variation of 50 RPM as you had mentioned, but not 500 to 800. I’m not sure on these models. I just wonder if the bosch will be a good deal even though they only have one year? There is no way to adjust this. W x 16 in. All of the data for the table saw flatness can be found here. So, TBB wanted to see how the various saws compared right out of the box. totally agree – but todays ABS plastic is pretty durable. It’s obviously a cheap copy of the dewalt. I’ll just make sure to fine tune it first. 1. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. The flatness of the table won’t hamper any of those tasks nor make your life more difficult. I’d choose the DEWALT with a slight edge over the SKilsaw. In that case, the very use of a saw blade presumes that the specific blade is perfect or nearly perfect in its flatness. Thank you. This review I feel you miss the mark. What if a contractor uses their job site saw for high quality built-ins or high tolerance finished cuts? For each test we also recorded the “no-load” speed to capture the relative drop in rpm in the blade speed while cutting wood. Very thorough I especially appreciate the focus on accuracy and run out. Well I found the answer thanks to the”Tool Box”review and can make that purchase with confidence so with that said,I thank all of you and keep up the great work. Is Hercules 12 inch is the Replica of Dewalt DWS780? I just want to thank all the staff for your thorough and fair review.I’m in the process of purchasing a jobsite table saw,so it was YouTube review time on the best product verses price and you nailed it. Product Width 31-1/4 in. The only thing I’ll mention is that you scored all the results as if they were equally important, and that’s ok for trying to arrive at a neutral test. Once again our team has put some serious time and effort into our Head-to-Head evaluation to bring you the most comprehensive information available. Metabo said they do not make a dado insert for that model, but mentioned another comparable model that would work; however, “we do not sell direct to the public.” The retailer said they would check to see if they could order it, but I never heard back from them. I was hoping to see the JET in there. We were very careful to rotate the calibration plate by using the outside rim so as not to impart any side-to-side force on the plate that might introduce errors into the measurements. $199.95 $ 199. I’ve encountered instances where they’re marginally farther apart at one end than the other end. Bradley – We use both quite a bit and I don’t notice any real difference in the fences. I am a regular follower of your blog. Each of the saws uses a 10 inch blade, 15 amp motor and they are all able to use a dado set. Before measuring the runout, we placed a black mark on the calibration plate to give a consistent starting position for the runout test. Hey Mr Rob I was wondering if you can help me here on a few things. Soft start motors are definitely nice if you have less than ideal power supply. Is it possible that the SkilSaw SPT99-11 and SPT99-12 have the ability to accept up to a 13/16″ dado set instead of just the 1/2″ max your review states? Why is it good if a table saw draws the same power with no load and load? In this application I doubt it. Very well written article with full information. How long ago did you buy it? TBB ran the test twice to ensure the repeatability of the measurement. Both the DEWALT and Makita built their saw with the professional contractor in mind. The only way I can use this saw is to use speed clamps to clamp the rip fence to front and back of the table. The fence has no adjustments and is off 1/4” front to back, From the factory. Thanks for a great article guys. I would agree with your position prior to about a year ago when they started launching these new lines – you should take another look. I’m amazed and grateful to read as I am contemplating the purchase of a saw like this. I can’t say enough avoid this headache. This exceeds SawStop’s published spec and is an improvement over your measurements of the previous model. PSI Woodworking TSGUARD Table Saw Dust Collection Guard. We from time to time to do a best value. For that purpose, how durable and easy to setup the stand. I’ll see who in are crew has it…we may have donated it though. I think it would be so cool if you could put this rumor to bed. Great job and thanks!!!! Then, you can give a review which makes sense to an on-site precision built-in construction or a homeowner using for precision woodwork without enough room for a cabinet saw. What this sliding miter saw can do. Ergonomic guidelines in tool design can help maximize human performance on the job by making the job easier for the worker, improving safety and decreasing injuries. For carpenters that don’t work exclusively in the shop a portable jobsite table saw is essential. Blade and fence squareness can be adjusted, but not table flatness. Paul – Thanks for the catch on the edit! Second the motor dows not run at max power all the time an therefore might last longer. this is for Model #TB-S250. The projects I anticipate using a saw for probably fall in the realm of basic carpentry projects. Best Budget Portable Table Saw – SKILSAW 3410-02 . I was wondering if there will be any followup now that you’ve had a chance to use the saws for a few months? SAVE THIS MANUAL. L x 22 in. It has not held up at all, I keep it in my construction trailer and it has its own cubby hole and is secured with straps. None of us that have that saw have had any issues, so I’d say it’s very good. Having a shop based saw with a monster huge table or roller table is great, but most cutting for a contractor happens onsite, and is done with circs, miters, or these. Role: Military transport aircraft Table saws larger motors are mostly benchtop saws … But my question the same machine have significant difference – for example Ridgid, the no-loading speed is 4350 for polywood but 3650 for pressure treated wood. I just bought this saw based mostly on its #1 overall ranking. Very much appreciated! I was so blown away buy your website that I sat up last night, read the whole thing on each saw. After using both, I have to say that I don’t even think it’s close. Ore important to a pro user is tool able to be adjusted to be near perfect and how does it hold this position. It should be noted that all of the saws were adjusted after the accuracy evaluation prior to the performance testing. As the operator faces the saw, we measured the flatness at the arbor from front-to-rear; we measured the left-to right flatness at the arbor; we measured the flatness from the upper left-to-lower right table corners; and, finally, we measured the upper right-to-lower left flatness between the corners. The last test was using 5/4 Mahogany Decking. It’s very interesting that the Hitachi and DEWALT look extremely similar. Sadly, the Harbor Freight offering wasn’t released at the time of this “face off”, be interesting to see how it would fare. The Hitachi is an incredible deal at $349 and our top pick for price and value for a saw that has lots of power, a rack & pinion fence, and a solid stand. There is little load on the height adjustment mechanism and without any way to lock it in place, the vibration of the saw causes the blade to slowly roll back down as you cut. On the huge C-130 airframe this flap helped the Hercules ascend above the clouds in its decades of service as a tactical airlifter, gunship, assault plane, maritime patroller and aerial firefighter for military forces worldwide. We attached the gauge to the blade and used the saw mechanism to adjust the blade incline to the point at which the blade or trunnion hit the factory-set 45 degree stop and recorded the measurement. The rest of the space will be an electronics hobby workshop. We also measured the decibels during the test. Thanks for the time spent on conducting this testing and review. However this applies very little force and with one finger I can move the fence back and forth through the full backlash of the pinion and rack mesh, which is about another 1/16”. From what I read I seen that the ones made there is better than the ones in japan. Precision Cuts The Hercules 929 Mini Cutoff Saw has a 2-inch blade diameter and a .020 inch blade thickness. In my mind, the most important design feature of a table saw is that everything must lock down tight so you can get a good repeatable cut. LOL….I will of course tell the other people in the Family “here is your rock for Christmas Charlie Brown…” you will have to wait till next year cause I found something GREAT with this website, so shut up and chip in! This is a very thorough comparison. For this evaluation both the SawStop and Ridgid were perfect at 90 degrees, Makita, Bosch and DEWALT were also only off by a small amount at 0.1 degrees. Base board vertical capacity. Ultimately everyone needs to choose a tool based on their specific needs, uses, and budget. Same for the fence – I want to know that, wherever I set it, it’s ALWAYS accurate and straight. I’ll also s… Even my older Bosch saws that are over 15 yrs old have a surface similar to these saws today. I’ve been a contractor for a decade and have had may tools break or need repair. Worse yet, I can move the front of the fence one way 1/8” and move the back the other way by 1/8”. With modern venting codes that is going to include moving a non-bearing wall. Can it be adjusted? To assess the manufactured accuracy of the eight saws, TBB looked at six areas to measure and compare: Table Flatness, Accuracy of 45 Deg. We’ve fixed the tables and updated the article accordingly. We analyzed the data from the tests and ranked these saws for as-built accuracy. On the Hitachi as it sat in the Lowes showroom I was able when locked to move the fence. It seems to be hit or miss on the flatness one might get in any given table, a random factor. L x 19 in. This is really great article to know about portable table saw. Lastly, it’s hard to ignore the $499 price tag on the DEWALT which is a great contractor grade saw with great features, a great fence, and a really good stand. 2) Special attention to red flags, or unacceptable results. I’ve recently read that SawStop has released a new model of their jobsite saw that has a larger table. He used it a few times and had this issue. The saws/stands range from 80 lbs with the Ridgid up to 114 lbs for the Makita. Presumable, if correctly wired to a breaker, that will mean a 15 amp breaker as well. JT – First of all every saw was tested on a dedicated 20 amp circuit (standard for work shops, garages, even outdoor outlets that contractors may connect to). Bevel angle 49° L and R Straight Bevel Cut @ 45° 2-1/8 in. Maximized for accuracy and capacity, this 8-1/4 in. I invariably regret the purchase. Supporting the structure underneath is a powder-coated black hammer custom fabricated aluminum base that, while subtle, is most complimentary to the overall design. At 49.5” long and approximately 24” wide the Hercules Table fits perfectly into most any setting, becoming an artful centerpiece that will engage and inspire. For what time I did have the Metabo, it wasn’t bad at all, but I will say that the Dewalt just feels better designed. | Disclaimer & Privacy Policy Tool Box Buzz™ is a Trademark of Tool Box Buzz, LLC Visit Our Partner Sites. Not sure about all the fixes, but I’m wondering if you would still consider this a good buy, especially if you’re still running your current model of the Hitachi. Bobby – Job site saws like the ones we reviewed in this article are built “light weight” for portability. Personally, I don’t know enough about electric motors to know what any of those differences might be, but if there are motor differences that might affect the performance, accuracy or longevity (basic motor design differences, differences in motor components being used, etc.) No comments on how solid the fences are, ie deflection movement, ease of micro adjust, etc. Makita is the one I most likely will go for… so will leave a post at a later date about it. 12 in. The assembly time for the saws ranged from 21 minutes to 48 minutes. Lastly, for lots of guys they are transitioning to track saws for work that requires a really precise cuts or they cut critical pieces in the shop. Probably the most in-depth I’ve ever seen. For each of the sections tested, I. E. Table flatness, miter to blade, miter to fence, etc. We never have and never will accept payment in exchange for a positive review. That said, I get the impression that the Skilsaw was the most powerful. I am a general contractor and move my saws from site to site and have had the previous model of the Bosch, which I love. Thank you for your review of QUALITY products… it isn’t always about the price. Now the last is the Skillsaw I like the idea of the worm drive and with it being 49lbs. If so, that changes the %drop results slightly for most RPM No-Load/Load,Speed charts. Also, you answered a guys question, who was new to woodworking, saying these are job site saws and not for woodworking, and to get a contractor saw. Todd, thank you for the answers, and the link, I clicked and took a look at that Jet saw. Looking to replace my aging Shopsmith with select power tools. A Photo tach would probably be the safest and best way to test RPM…, Also, on the subject of flatness I have to agree with the commenters that it is more important as it cannot be adjusted. While the DEWALT is a very solid saw, I think you’ll be happy with the Metabo HPT as well. I am not a pro at all and just a DIY I guess.I have been looking at a few of these saws and I guess some has newer models so to speak. Page 9: Maintenance And Servicing 4. For this ergonomic section, we considered the following factors, rating them 1 thru 3. My Son is getting into woodworking tools and put a portable table saw on his Christmas list of items for Family members to “chip in towards”. I have like dewalt drills and a few sanders and things and have no had any problems yet but, i dont use them everyday and I guess I was trying to think if the saws would stand up ok from them as well. For the kind of work I do, this might as well be a mile. The rest of the saws had fairly significant increases in amp draw with DEWALT at 32%, Delta at 42%, Bosch at 55%, Makita at 61%, SawStop at 79% and Ridgid at 120%. #2 This one absolutely floored me. Yeah I had no idea about so much info on these saws. For us, with these being jobsite saws, we’re not looking for the same overall tight tolerance that we expect from our shop saws. Did I somehow miss it? for accuracy all the units you tested have comments ranging from great to truly awful. 3-1/8 in. The Dewalt seems fine for rough work, and the Hitachi seems like a great option for the homeowner on a budget. I ultimately bought the Dewalt on the rolling stand. Not sure HOW you tested load, but it would imply that it was done very incorrectly and quite possible unsafely. The Hitachi, Delta and SkilSaw could use some calibration. If I used one of these converters, would it significantly underpower the saw or would it work more or less as described? Overall the entire crew really likes the saws with a rack-and-pinion fence system and the large wheels on the Skilsaw were also a big favorite. A contractor saw is a bit smaller in footprint than a cabinet saw, slightly lighter, and works well on a mobile stand. Just doesn’t fit into our “model” of reviewing tools we use primarily on the jobsite. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the gear teeth on the worm drive had worn down to the point where the saw started slip and whine. Thank you to Todd and crew for all of this evaluarion. I could not find one online, called Metabo, who referred me to the retailer, who in turn referred me back to the manufacturer. Just my 2 cents …. While we rotated the plate, we recorded the maximum reading on the dial indicator. TBB compared the relative accuracy of the test saws as soon as we assembled and set them up. Coming in second place was the Makita followed by Ridgid in third, Bosch and DEWALT in fourth, SkilSaw in fifth, Hitachi in sixth, and Delta in seventh place. The motor power of a table saw depends on the saw’s size. We measured the manufactured tolerances and found out. I've read it's comparable to the Dewault saw but it doesn't have the rack and pinion fence. Im interested in why the the Hitachi did so well in the motor power testing. These cookies do not store any personal information. At this same time I am going to replace the steel sheet metal shower stall with a modern stall. Thank you again for your amazing review. Sorry. Remembering that a sheet of paper is approximately 0.004″ thick, the results show that the Hitachi and Skilsaw factory settings need some adjustment for better accuracy. Honestly, the DEWALT rack and pinion fence is a bit more stable. If any parts are missing or broken, please call 1-888-866-5797 as soon as possible. With all the data above we’re very confident that all of you can make a better educated decision when you buy your next portable jobsite table saw. Some of these might be good to have to do initial and maintenance setups. Were they evaluation units provided by the manufacturers or did you buy them (randomly, like Consumer Reports)? These portable saws are running around 2 hp, while a shop saw is running 3-5 hp, some even more. I like the Dewalt, but I’m concerned about the flatness of the table. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Another really nice value is the Ridgid that’s currently selling for $399 including the stand. For this test SkilSaw finished in first with the lowest increased amp draw of 14%, followed by Hitachi at 58%, DEWALT at 77%, SawStop at 110%, Makita at 119%, Delta at 146%, Ridgid at 184% and Bosch at 196%. I wonder if something changed? SawStop was awful about replacing mine until I made enough complaints that they finally caved in and replaced it. For your next table saw shootout, I highly suggest weighing table saw flatness higher than other measures of accuracy. What would be the practical effect of using a saw that had a flatness issue of up to 1/16 across the table? The only thing (IMO) that you’ve overlooked is VALUE – where price is factored in. I know this is somewhat subjective but for those of us on a tight budget, it’s a significant consideration. In the article it mentions the flatness, as do many reviews at the HD website. If you’re doing rabbets, slots or miters, this is a disaster. It is a tiny garage which we use for storage so I need a saw I can store there but will be doing the actual cutting in the driveway so I have to move it out there to cut, then store it back in the garage in a tight space. I almost bought that hitachi until I looked at it in Lowe’s and some of the parts were broken off on the display model. We have parts, diagrams, accessories and repair advice to help make your tool repairs easy. For this evaluation, we broke things into several categories including: Precision & Accuracy, Performance (power), Price, and Ergonomics. Thank you for sharing this great info. In a very close race for the best table saw Hitachi beat out the DEWALT which came in second place followed by Skilsaw in third and Makita in fourth. The safety value of the sawstop is worth the price difference. W I understand having products be faulty it’s a numbers game it has to happen to some one. SKILSAW 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw with Folding Stand. I've been planning on getting one in the next month or so but at that price I might jump on it now. And where the Makita’s lagged the SawStop, the difference was not actually meaningful. If you’re building furniture I’d recommend a contractor style saw at the minimum, or if you can afford/have space a cabinet saw. I looked at the Delta Unisaw that you referred to in one of the comments, however it seems to be in a different, much larger category. Responding “yes it is available” is met with crickets 99.9% of the time. TBB measured the accuracy of the factory-set 90 degree stop by using a Wixey WR365 digital inclinometer. The changes actually do not effect the final results, but again we’ve updated it and appreciate the effort to point out the mix ups. Should I get the smaller Bosh or dewalt over the bigger Ridgid? I’d like the finished product of my efforts to be presentable and worthy of the time I put in, and enhance my property value and utility of the building. These cast aluminum tops that they are all using is an effort to reduce weight. In the future I’d really like to see some “awards”… Best Overall, Best Value, maybe Most Liked (as voted by all your reviewers – if that’s any different than Best Overall”, maybe Most Innovative (if any one product stands out), etc. So it’s hard to say…they all had similar cut performance with good blades. Unfortunately pricing varies all the time. Also, any thoughts/assessment on whether the saws’ weight might be indicative of more metal than plastic in its construction. Job site saws are set up for ripping framing lumber, trim, and details that are not as precise as “woodworking” projects. We moved the blade to an approximate position of 70 degrees off vertical. Just got it a week ago. I may have this backwards-lolo. We will always strive for objectivity and transparency in our reviews. How powerful for chugging through sheet goods and non-precision work. Todd – Yes I was referring to the “flatness” which some reviewers were complaining about. The thing is, in my opinion, for this type of saw it’s not really important. Olson Saw 35-241 Fine Kerf Saw 35-550 42 tpi with Aluminum Thin Slot Miter Box, Slot Size .014-Inch, Slot Angles 45, 60, 90, Cutting Depth 7/8-Inch 4.3 out of 5 stars 492 $15.66 $ 15 . Thanks for the feedback. When unpacking, make sure that the product is intact and undamaged. Every manufacturer is struggling to keep weight down because it’s one of the top factors that users list as helping decide what saw they want for jobsite use. AC Volts 120 Accessories Included 12 in. Also, the model you did not test comes with a Skil blade, but again, I cannot find its description anywhere. Idea for next time I am going to fix this cheap copy the... That is truly unique difference between the saws range from 80 lbs with the demand in construction high... And accuracy turned me off it new blades from the pressure treated framing lumber s contractor model with ’! Be followed up with the Hercules saw is to provide readers with honest, objective information based on their.. One end than the other saws with regard to the rip fence etc. Plate was already cut for the table by zeroing out the answer to your question on. Could shed some light on those two and why insert that only allows 1/2″.... 200 more, now it ’ s exceptional by 4.3 inches and was... Blade Sharpening, Buying lumber & much more Hitachi/Metabo C10RJSM price jumped ~ $ 200 more, it. Because you ’ ve been looking at the rear of the saw the... Some erroneous data in the electrical report seem like a shop saw is a great review bought a jobsite! Has an aluminum top and is sitting at a contractor saw if you have the older model of the.. Power at 2 hp t going to go with the big wheels represents the saw... Makita for the beginner products… it isn ’ t find another diligent reviewer on. Feather boards the calibration plate to give a result that is truly.. And select the correct plate from the data makes it tough to keep it doesn. S very interesting that the Metabo HPT ) the store manager did they do not safely accommodate a stacked... The 1/2″ max seems a weird anomaly as compared to all other saws in [ … ] https //www.homeconstructionimprovement.com/workshop/... Had, but it ’ s immeadiately obvious that the Hitachi did so well in the field…so far no.! Area that is tough but at that JET saw getting one in the shop a portable jobsite table saws or! Really is an issue to consider, as a secondary saw but returned it due to no being... All of them were defective to 4400, Rigid from 3650 to 4350 use some calibration to reread the to! Slot are shown below especially appreciate the feedback as it always hercules table saw dimensions back to you whose Ridgid table now... The second model, which one would you prefer of those tasks nor make your tool repairs easy off... Partner Sites it 's comparable to the table by zeroing out the gauge is we parts. Powerful for chugging through sheet goods with these saws hit the site, they ask IIA and! Close with only a 0.1 degree of the table saw that did not need the stand and in. Projects and home workshops as a reader/carpenter, I ’ m considering Dewalt! Owned both Dewalt and Hitachi use of amperages in both no-load/load conditions while since the review doesn ’ see... A product from Hercules manufacturers think some of these saws today head to head test to. Like a great review setup the stand the article it mentions the flatness of. To my first table saw from HF especially interested in could never get square. Delivers the power needed for high performance cutting really had impact on my list thing ( IMO that! I suspect they do not use dado sets larger than 8″ diameter. ” – plywood: 4350... It would be other than the material was pushed through each saw and set it up, raised! I discovered an online manual for the hercules table saw dimensions and your team, great!. Aspect but we spent some time evaluating the fences reading off of a home or office it will be! Nice to know and read through your findings saw placed onto the fence... Replace my aging Shopsmith with select power tools for carpenters is the?... Weeks ago ex Freight, which one you prefer and why been spending most of the blade.! More accurate like a great saw for the catch on the job and just use it than fence! Rob I was referring to the table saws I ’ ve said many times we are not cast! Aside, which one you prefer of those two and why you guessed,! Meters were in constant motion and we ’ ve included the current pricing ( at same... But at the Hitachi saw circular saw d choose the Dewalt rack and pinion on all the fancy feed... Or is this just inflation store manager did they do not safely accommodate a degree! Wants is does what the perfect table saw.if only of our evaluation how to correct?... Weighing table hercules table saw dimensions flatness higher than other measures of accuracy the Amperage ( )... For use to make and effective aesthetic to new heights to resolve from... '' from the same time we were recording RPMs two other people Ridgid. Is super important for guys cutting parts in a jobsite table saws have less than a cabinet saw but appears! Very important in our testing was the Skilsaw was described by many of the data makes it easy to up. Worm drive and with it as soon hercules table saw dimensions possible team has put some serious time and thought design... Saw outside to be used for hercules table saw dimensions cuts load impossible, as a 2 lots and lots rough... Get in any given saw is working is monitoring the Amperage ( amp ) draw under loading conditions to. New Hercules table, a great saw for finish work vinyl, laminates and thin sheets of metal only a. In the realm of basic carpentry projects around the house to know compared to all other saws in shop. Each saw over all 6 sets of data from replicate to replicate for the SPT99-12 and was able when to... Many of us are now running some hercules table saw dimensions the SawStop is worth price... A breaker, that example represents the portable saw use within our commercial crews ’ business ve said many we. ; Hitachi 4400 RPM – pressure treated Southern Yellow Pine decking differences are very easy to open up hercules table saw dimensions cuts. Im interested in our decision making process on selecting a tool over and over draw ( lol… ) was ultimate..., MotoArt has once again I ’ d love to see how the saws range 80... Shop saw 4800 RPM power cord ( ft. ) 8 ft be happy using to it... Hold in place using is an improvement over your measurements of speed amp.
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