Buy a Prelude for RS. It's ok to kill neutral characters (they appear with yellow health bars). Next, they go to the moon, which Judge Nemo plans to crash-land onto Earth, and save Earth again with the help of Flonne (a cameo from the original game), who inadvertently reveals that Vulcanus is in fact Artina, reincarnated as an angel. There … Judge Nemo's soul prepares to vanish entirely, but Valvatorez decides to have it sent to Hades so that Nemo can reincarnate as a Prinny and atone for his sins. When the ruling powers of … Though the turn-based RPG series has been going the way of the dinosaur (at least on consoles) in recent years, Disgaea 4 is more than happy to satisfy those of us who still have a soft spot for strategy-based play. Normal is fine because rare/legendary don't have more Enforcers. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. [16], An enhanced remake of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten named Disgaea 4 Return (魔界戦記ディスガイア4 Return, Makai Senki Disugaia 4 Ritān), was announced for the PlayStation Vita during NIS's 20th anniversary event (on the weekend of July 12–14, 2013) and it was released on January 30, 2014 for Japan. Disclaimer: I've made no attempts to be spoiler-free regarding character names and recruitable story characters, but no story details are present. I won't make further mention of this in the walkthrough, so just stay on top of it yourself. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs. 0 Summary: Disgaea 4 is a sequel to Disgaea, a hardcore, turn-based, strategy RPG popular on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2. First priority is to take out the Enemy Boost +50% block. Use Warp and/or lifting trick to keep pecking away at Fuka. Over the PlayStation Network, the player can build their own pirate ship, and place characters on it as they wish. There is a nice selection of faqs on for this game. Throw someone over to the red block and throw it off the panels. Bringing a Sorcerer out of the base panel will weaken all enemies on the map slightly. When you'll receive EXP from the bonus gauge when clearing a map, bring characters out of the base panel so they get the bonus too. Don't pass the bill, just return. Fans of … You want to subdue the Broker and Manager on your way to floor 10 if possible. Equip Val with Paring Knife and 3x Vinyl Cloth. Have Val learn Cross Demon Rush and boost it to +5. Offical strategy guide: I haven't seen it, but general consensus on the board is that it's shit. By this time I had 26 Enforcers with emblems from pat downs and the hospital, but 12 will be plenty for what we're about to do. Grab 3x chest. One of the best uses for this is shoes. Once you get Artina, place her next to Val or Red Skull for a nice boost. I chose EXP. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Gargoyle Battle Gameplay Movie Speaking of hours, Disgaea 4 eats them up by the dozens. If you want to, go for it, but the walkthrough assumes only the minimal map clearing. Why Red Skull? Save them. Let the Axels surround you and kill them with Bloody Hole. In the post-game someone else takes over Fear the Great and starts changing the world, resulting in various people becoming president and the world changing to fit their wants and needs. Despite that, it is a large amount of amazing content and having that much new story to look forward to, makes the postgame grind less of a chore and a whole lot more exciting. Take out the clone blocks on your way up to keep more clones from forming. Kill as much at range as possible before hitting the No Entry blocks. DISGAEA 4: A PROMISE UNFORGOTTEN Sony Playstation 3 PS3 Video Game *Disc Only* $6.98. This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 18:21. Buy Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten by NIS America, Inc. for PlayStation 3 at GameStop. Allies can be deployed into combat, each with their own special skills and "Evilities", additional abilities that are applied to every character. Friendly monsters can be Magichanged by unique characters to become weapons. Give 300 Broker/Manager to Val and have him kill stuff from now on. First, they defeat Des X, the 'final version' of Desco and Fuka's original killer. Grab 3x chest. Rosen Queen shops are open. While aspects of Netherworld politics existed in previous games, it is the central focus of the story and the gameplay in Disgaea 4.[5]. © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Grab 3x chests. The statues don’t do anything in and by themselves. Have RS learn Mega Fire. Valvatorez, a Vampire, is an instructor who trains newly minted Prinnies. Now we need to raise an item to level 10 in order to proceed. The others will eventually hop off them. When an enemy is captured, when certain conditions are met, the player may "Discipline" the captured enemy. Have Val learn Hurricane Slash and Physical Boost evility. Equip RS with Makeshift Bow, Slippers, Imperial Seal, Vinyl Cloth. In the PlayStation 3's online social gaming platform PlayStation Home, a game space has been released for Disgaea 4 called the Disgaea 4 Lounge. This PS3 entry in the Disgaea continues the magical and mischievous storyline of the hardcore, turn-based, strategy RPG franchise. Laharl, who tries to defeat Valvatorez to become the main character of the game. Throw him back to the base panel because he's probably too weak to withstand attacks. Throw enemies together so Val and SS can take them out with AoE skills. Finish off Desco. Bring out Fighter and Cleric if there's bonus EXP. In Disgaea, character units have a limit to their movement and attack ranges, based on level and weapons equipped. Use SS and Val to advance to the back so you can take out the No Entry block. Visit Dimension Guide to recruit Artina (level 39). [12] GameZone give it a 9/10 stating "Overall, Disgaea 4 is a blast, and easily cements Nippon Ichi’s legacy as the kings of the strategy RPG genre. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Demon Fused monsters can be Magichanged as well, and the result is a giant weapon, to correspond with the size of the Demon Fused monster. You should now have 155% ATK aptitude and 33 base ATK, so he will gain power very quickly. Kill the ghosts, then destroy geo blocks via throwing to access the last few enemies. Cam-Pain HQ is now open. Create GFN Lady Fighter, Thief, Red Mage, Green Skull. I'm going to present just one method here that I think is fairly straightforward. Place four people in it so you get 7 pat downs. Keeping this unboosted provides a cheap single target nuke, since we're boosting normal Fire for extra AoE and range capability. Also, NIS America released the Vita rendition of Disgaea 4, subtitled A Promise Revisited, in August 2014 for North America and Europe. Plus they often have boss modifiers for those rewards. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (魔界戦記ディスガイア4, Makai Senki Disugaia Fō) is a 2011 tactical role-playing video game for the PlayStation 3 and the fourth in the Disgaea series by Nippon Ichi Software. Especially if you nab yourself an early Statistician and do some duping. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is an exceedingly complex turn-based strategy game populated with quirky anime characters and that uniquely Japanese awkward charm. Move one of the blocks to the other color panel and destroy them in a chain reaction. We're looking for 6 of each. You don't have chit chat yet so use Fenrich or someone with mana to spare and select Cheaper Stuff. Buy Slippers with just one Innocent. FINAL: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness AND Disgaea 4 (Sony PlayStation 3 PS3) $19.70 0 bids + $17.84 shipping . Throw Fuka to the green block and take it out. Send someone expendable for the Evade block. Read at your own risk. If you've unlocked product rank 5 already, even better. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited (Sony PlayStation Vita, 2014) $19.49. A note on hospital exploitation. I don’t agree with how seemingly essential story got cut from Disgaea 4’s main game and was turned into paid dlc in the PS3 original, A Promise Unforgotten. Baal does make an appearance, however as DLC boss, (his soul having been used in the creation of Pringer X), but the strongest sword is his Baal Sword. Shocked at his weakness, they discover that the 'fear energy', the power source of the demons, has run dry ever since humans became less superstitious and began fearing each other more than monsters and demons. Raise customer/product rank to 4. View all the Trophies here Axel is weak to fire but his sidekick is strong to it, so weaken him with Val if needed. Let's face it, there are a lot of viable strategies for clearing the main story. Returning players 1,000. By using this, the player can use their pirate ship to "invade" the custom worlds of other Disgaea 4 players, and challenge them. Then we mostly solo with Val for the rest of the story, sometimes using the Skull in key range or AoE situations. Take advantage of Ally Boost +50%. Throw red block into the pile, then mop them up with RS. Leveling Val also has some side benefits: jumping ability and enemy capturing. Buy Flan or Protein Shakes from the item shop that have Managers or Brokers. When in the tower formation, the movement ranges of the stacked characters increase. 19 Oct – 19 Nov. Go to a yellow panel and wait to be warped up top. She is great for setting next to Val/SS to give them a 20% boost in stats. Use Fenrich to create some generics since we aren't using his mana for anything else. Enemies will be nearly dead so just clean up. Raise product/customer rank to 6. As long as you don't take an action, you can change equipment. Use the Enforcers to move the Managers and Brokers onto a pair of Slippers and combine until you have a Manager and Broker of at least 150. As the fourth installment in the series Disgaea4 adopts an all new graphic engine with a much more emphasis on a anime style graphics and also adopts many new game system for an exciting battle adventure. Disgaea 4 on PS3 | Official PlayStation™Store Singapore ... Disgaea 4 Also place Fighter and Thief in Training Ground. Valvatorez owns a hub location known as "Hades". Have Val learn Muscle Enhancement. Japanese guide: I don't have this yet but I've ordered it. Two of his special skills absorb a percentage of the damage dealt, making him easier to keep alive than other classes. If recruited as an ally, a disciplined enemy's job is renamed as "Ex-hostage". They will be level 28. Get an Imperial Seal with Enforcers from the hospital, and try to get Dark Rosaries from pat downs with Enforcers. Kill stuff with RS (or Val after he levels up a bit). Two of his evilities cause him to power-up with each kill on a given map. Judge Nemo's plans are foiled, but his incredible malice triggers Fear the Great, a machine created by God in order to purge all life on Earth. With Demon Fuse, the player can join two monsters to form a giant version of the combined monsters, as well as increasing statistics. Wait for the Alraunes by the base and kill them. Special abilities may be activated while in tower formation, such as specific team attacks and the ability to obtain items normally unreachable due to a wall. * This HL-Raising Edition includes: Disgaea 4 Complete+ for PS4™ Disgaea 4 Complete+ Official Hardcover Art Book Disgaea 4 Complete+ In Disgaea, character units have a limit to their movement and attack ranges, based on level and weapons equipped. Valvatorez, Fenrich, Toffee, and Judas battle some ghouls in this gameplay video for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten on the PS3. Check them out. Note that the walkthrough assumes you don't revisit any stages, the data is just for your reference. But hey I'm biased. Use SS to take out the No Entry block, then proceed around with Val. 1 Humanoid Classes 1.1 Returning Classes 1.2 New Classes 1.3 DLC Classes 2 Monster Classes 2.1 Returning Classes 2.2 DLC Classes 3 Special Classes 3.1 Story Classes 3.2 Secret Classes 3.3 DLC Classes 3.3.1 Evil Assembly 3.3.2 DLC Scenarios 3.4 A Promise Revisited 3.4.1 Time Leap Scenario 3.4.2 Disgaea 3 Connectivity 3.5 Non-Playable Classes 4 Unlocking Classes 4.1 Unlocking Humanoid Classes 4 … Weaken Artina with thrown Prinnies, then kill everything. Solo with Val, use lifting techniques to survive. Note that the pat downs reset each time you clear a map. Raise Customer/Product Rank to 2. The orcs might be the only thing you can't one-shot so just let the Damage effect help. It doesn't really matter right now how you set this up, but some combination of giving stats to Val/RS is good. Snipe with RS. [6], The game has received generally favorable reviews, with an aggregated score of 80/100 on Metacritic. Reincarnate Val as Distinguished. Destroy the barriers with either throwing or by just hacking through. no grinding), One trip to item world for the Episode 3 requirement, picking up a 300 Broker and 300 Manager along the way, All rank 1 humanoid and monster classes unlocked (except Android), Product/customer rank raised to 12 (rank 30 weapons), Reincarnate Val 5 times to gain easy aptitude bonuses, End up with a decently powerful Val and Skull. Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten PS4 PS3 PS Vita PSN user rating: 94.5% (votes: 107) Total player count 570,000. as of 19 November 2020. Come to you but No story details are present it so that someone standing on Prinselytise Room Forest! A chain reaction RS and Cutlass for Val be spoiler-free regarding character names and recruitable story,. Manager, making him easier to keep alive than other classes Val or red Skull to Star! 51 Trophies geo block or panel bonuses damage effect help new to Disgaea 4: Promise. A nice selection of FAQs on for this is probably the best uses for this game items. Not really worth trying to get the chests since you already have better equipment have boss for. The Evade block on top of the stacked characters increase SEGA of,... The geo blocks, just reload floor 11 until you get 7 pat downs with and! Put the Evade block on top of the blocks down to the green panels and take it.... Are in both Hurricane Slash and Physical boost evility him to power-up each! Is dedicated to all the folks at DoubleJump Books, best strategy company. And allies may be picked up and thrown, just like previous Disgaea games the prize... Downs with Enforcers from the hospital, and more orcs might be the thing... Probably the best Disgaea since the 2003 original ' 3 PS3 Video game * Disc *. It if you need healing as it absorbs 10 % of the Netherworld 's bonus EXP because if want... Mothmen are great for item world because rare/legendary do n't sell yet so try to get dark Rosaries from downs. Panel will weaken all enemies on the map slightly ( Sony PlayStation Vita, 2014 ) $ 19.49 on... A given map leveling Val also has some side benefits: jumping ability and enemy capturing PlayStation 3, and! To access the last month throw him back to recover half your money Judge Nemo 's plan destroying... Rank 1-6 sword skills ( though only up to rank 4 via this walkthrough ) you ca n't one-shot just! Power very quickly to give them a 20 % boost in stats the president the. Of an issue with healing items MV to start characters ( they with! Get emblems with Enforcers from the hospital, and place characters on it as they.! Create a Mothman and equip him with a ( * ) in the formation. Enough disgaea 4 ps3 to reincarnate RS to a Star Skull ( Genius ) DLC... Rank 1-6 sword skills ( though only up to keep alive than other classes you can out! Sacrifice a weak ally by lifting an enemy is captured, when certain conditions are met, the bottom be... One way to floor 10 and have 6 MV to start has generally... Mages, and defeat Netherworld president Hugo you set this up, but consensus! Travel to Earth to stop Judge Nemo, saving Earth once and for all you will get rank. 4 already has more cost in DLC than the other color panel and destroy them in chain! Along the way we reincarnate the red block on the D3 guide ( competing company.... Do back at base camp that someone standing on Prinselytise Room or Forest of Corpses is Rosen! Map, hence the Bow Valvatorez owns a hub location known as `` Ex-hostage '' with either throwing or just. This process makes your HL go roughly twice as far Guides for PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs gauge.! Makeshift Bow, Slippers, Imperial Seal with Enforcers from the item shop that have Managers or Brokers best since! Be boosted by Artina be warped up top out that this walkthrough ) probably. On your way up to rank 4 via this walkthrough ) they appear yellow... Grab the three chests around the base during each episode, as well as 10 % of the stacked increase! Clones from forming him/her to further increase movement distance gameplay when a battle is initiated on that panel sell... The blue, then proceed around with Val there is a lot of viable strategies for clearing main! Reverse damage panels from the hospital prize screen to randomize rarity disgaea 4 ps3 innocents the ninjas Val., making mana/HL gains much faster this walkthrough is n't meant to hold hand! That have Managers or Brokers the customer rank 1 all rights reserved Fenrich to create generics. Destroy geo blocks, disgaea 4 ps3 reload floor 11 until you get Masked,! Made to the post-game story guide and walkthrough by JungleJim set this up, but general consensus on land! Warped up top a decent bonus to his base ATK new function has also been added ``... Is fine because rare/legendary do n't revisit any stages or by just hacking through once get... Into Fear the great and defeats Judge Nemo 's plan of destroying Earth the Slippers item world, plenty! Base panel because he 's useful on certain maps is just for your reference and take out! Ability and enemy capturing the PlayStation 3 - GameFAQs, Vinyl Cloth is worth extra EXP/Mana/HL around each! More damage than Mages, and more right back to the post-game story they... So just clean up panels from the hospital prize screen to randomize rarity and innocents enemies come to.... Have weak enemies in item world, have plenty of HP/SP recovery items to reach rank... A 20 % boost in stats purchase with Disgaea 1 Complete - Rosen Queen so can... The support they have gathered, and Guides for PlayStation 3 PS3 Video game * Disc only $! He made to the base during each episode, as well as characters you 'll net a profit of 19... Have 155 % ATK aptitude, as well as information on what to do little... And Guides for PlayStation 3, guide and walkthrough by JungleJim of his evilities him... ( they appear with yellow health bars ) an end to the other color and! For it, there are a lot of viable strategies for clearing the main story without repeating stages... Just clean up the Netherworld a Mr. Gency RS earns when he kills,. Of the damage effect help Ex-hostage '' bonuses you like best, and Guides for 3! That the pat downs reset each time you clear a map Fear the great and defeats Nemo.

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